Recruitment Procedures

Requirement of workers for overseas placement is premised on a POEA – approved accreditation of the foreign employer in a specified country of destination or job site.

We Collate and accept credentials of possible applicants that are based on the demand for skills and required number of positions, per POEA approval. The number of applicants readied has enough room for interview and selection by foreign employer or the designated recruitment officer. Manpower pooling of applicants is an option, in accordance with POEA procedures/requirements. Immediate job vacancies are met through print and broadcast ads;social media; provincial recruitment activities; job fairs and other reliable networking facilities.

Interview and test of applicants shall be per schedule and only within the facilities of the POEA-registered address. Depending on the volume and need of the foreign employer,this procedure, when conducted outside of the company’s legal premises, shall be undertaken pursuant to POEA rules. If and necessary train of applicants shall be conducted with TESDA and other authorized institution.

Selected are advised immediately. Signing of individual contract of employment follows. Per country of destination requirements, employment visas of selected applicants are worked out in close coordination with the foreign employers.

Documentation of Selected Workers and Deployment of Worker

The duly signed employment contract of selected workers shall be submitted to POEA for processing and issuance of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). Almost simultaneously, the worker shall be briefed on the other important realities of an overseas employment stint. The selected applicant shall also attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) through any of the OWWA-accredited PDOS providers.

Post Deployment Concerns

Our company’s task does not end on the deployment of the selected workers to the foreign establishments. The workers’ welfare while at the worksite shall be continuously monitored and attended to through a close coordination with specific employers. Periodic visits to the worksite/s may also be conducted. As the case may require, reports may also be sent to the concerned Philippine Overseas Labor Official (POLO), for all legal intents and purposes.

Other Services

Sourcing / Recruiting
Sourcing is the process of selection and screening of potential workers depending on the demand of the employers in different countries. Recruiting on the other hand, is the process of employing the chosen qualified candidates that are still available and in contact. Sourcing and Recruiting goes hand-in- hand as sourcing paves way for the applicant to have the opportunity to work.
Flight Booking & Airport Assistance
The recruitment in the agency doesn't end in arranging the flight documents and fees alone. They also offer services of booking the flight with airport assistance such as taking over in behalf of the workers for necessary airport procedures.
Medical & Employer Liability Insurance
Smart Asia International will provide the necessary information as well as assist in the medical needs of the employee. Smart Asia will ensure that the employer will have a liability insurance that can cover a false claim from an employee.
Safety Training (if required)
The welfare and safety of the workers is the utmost priority of the company. To ensure this, workers has to undergo such safety trainings to prepare them to any emergency occurrences that they may encounter in the future. These training help them identify, assess, and control any hazards that might compromise their safety.
Processing & Maintenance
Smart Asia International handles the processing of documents and requirements for the employees for their compliance with the pre-condition of the job. We also make sure that things are always in order.
Security Background Check
This process is used determine what is the status and the background of the employee. It will also help the agency to determine if an employee or employer is a fraud or not.
Mobilization & Demobilization
When the needed requirements and conditions are met, Smart Asia International will take care of the activation of contract as well as the transfer of the employee to the employer. The agency will also handle the employee when the contract is finished.
Complete Physical Exams
This process is always required for all the employees to determine if they are physically fit to work abroad. It is important to know for us to avoid conflicts in the future.
Employment & Family Welfare Support
Smart Asia doesn’t stop in helping you work abroad. We also provide support for you, and your family’s welfare. Partnered with government agencies like Phil Health, Pag-ibig etc., you’ll be sure you’re in right hands.
English Proficiency Test
As the universal language, speaking in English is vital in going abroad. We offer an English proficiency test to develop your English skills and for you to confidently communicate with the world.
Drug Testing
Most of the time, companies require the candidates to undergo a drug test. It is to assure that you are in your best state as well as physically and mentally ready to work. We provide accurate results. Test with us now.
The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency is a vital part in helping us achieve your dream job, but it doesn’t come free. The agency can help handle all the processing fees with POEA which can really be a burden and eat your time in applying. We’ll save you the trouble.


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